life's short, just enjoy the trip

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Born to see
Called forth to watch
Pledged to the tower
I like the world.

- Lynkeus, Faust

As misleading as the following may seem, I am a fairly nice and easy going person, as long as you don't piss me off.

I am an individualist, and I will purposely go against the norm, just to go against the norm, though quite frequently what I want to do and what most people aren't doing end up being the same thing.

I refuse to live up to the expectations others have set for me; if I had been interested in them I would have set them for myself in the first place.

I do not allow society's rules to chain me in place, nor will I allow society to classify me, to place me in a box to catalog and define me. The harder a person tries to stuff me in a box of their own design, the harder I will fight against them. Be warned, for when I break the box another person has tried to cram me into, I usually shred the box they have placed themselves into; the box that makes them feel safe and often offers them a refuge from the harshness of reality.

I am an escapist, if you disbelieve this statement, reread the above information, pay attention to my activities and interests, the books and movies that are listed as my favorites.

I am somewhat of a realist...things are they way they are, I no longer see any point in pretending that they are not. The sky is blue, the grass is green. That is they way things are, and that is how they will stay. Get over it and move on.

I do not allow the will of any other individual to be imposed upon myself.

I do not pander to or placate the wants of others with regard to how I speak, dress or behave. I owe only one such person that consideration, and if you are reading this, I can guarantee you are not him, since he does not have a Facebook page.

I am me, and you are you. That is the way things are and that is how they shall remain.

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